Assigning unavailable keys

Some keys are currently not directly assignable via the frontend.

As a workaround, however, you can create the ASCII code of the desired character as macro.

An overview of the different ASCII codes can easily be found on Google if you search for „ASCII table“.

  • Start the LM30 software
  • Under the general tab, select the button you wish to assign the desired character to.
  • Click on the button and select „Macro“ in the menu, followed by „Macro Manager“.
  • On the bottom left click on New
  • Enter a name for the macro e.g. „underscore“
  • Then press the Record button towards the bottom in the middle.
  • Now the keyboard shortcut for the desired ASCII character can be entered. For underscore, this would be „ALT + 95“. So hold down the ALT key, press the keys 9 and 5, and then release the ALT key.
  • Stop recording with the Stop button and exit the window with OK.
  • Now the created macro should be assigned to the desired character. This can also be changed by clicking the desired button, then selecting „Macro“ and the created macro.
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